6 Steps to become A PROACTIVE PARENT & Build a Better Connect With Your Child.

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Hi! I'm Dr. Surbhi Bhaiya..

As a Homeopathy, MD, and Psychological Counsellor, child's brain development expert and founder of manovishram foundation. I have witnessed numerous children suffer due to negative parenting styles such as domination, conflicts, comparison, criticism, and complaining. I take an assertive approach to assist these children in overcoming their illnesses caused by harmful parenting practices. As a certified parenting coach, I am committed to empowering 100,000 parents to transform their parenting style and enable their children to live a life of freedom. Join me on this mission to create a positive impact on the lives of our children.

Proactive Parent Training.

My mission is to empower 100,000 parents to transform their parenting style and create a positive environment for their children. Negative parenting styles can deteriorate children's mental health and lead to illnesses. Let's work together to help children live a life of freedom.

Parenting Coach

With over 8 years of experience in parenting field, help parents to transform their parenting style and create a positive environment for their children. 

Manovishram Foundation

I founded this community in the year 2023 to help parents to change their harmful parenting style. We are now over thousands of paid members and growing!

What will you learn?

TOP 10 Negative behaviour of parents that affect's the Child's Health

Anxious parents

Understand how anxiety of parents affect children.

Rigidity of parents

Understand how rigidity of parents can affect child's health and learn how to resolve it

Manage Anger As A Parents

Understand why we get angry and how it affects every relations & what we can do to make it better.


Children are an integral part of their parents; as long as the mirror is unclean, how can you expect the image to be pure?

Marital Discord

Understand how discords affect your child's health and learn how to connect with your spouse.

Problem related to child

Child not listening, Child crying, Child throwing tantrums, Fussy eaters, Child getting too much screen time, Child too shy, Child not expressing.

Financial Independence + Self-respect.

Get clarity about where you are and where you want to be.

Manage child + Work Better

Plan, organise and design your life in a better way.

Joint Family issues

How to make your family environment healthy.

Parent's Guilt

Always feel that you could have done it better?


With over thousands of members and growing, we are building parents who allow their child to live freely without any pressure.

6 Steps to become a PROACTIVE PARENT.


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QUIZ score in 10 minutes.

Intention setting

Intention setting in all areas. Time, mindset, child relationship, spouse relationship, family relationship, personal.

Parent's Health

learn how and why parents health is important first.

Child's health

learn why child health is important. and how can you improve your child's health.

Family's Health

learn how to improve family health by communication and maintain high self-esteem in joint family.

Proactive parent lifestyle

Unlock true happiness, regain self-respect and move towards financial independence.

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i'm really very grateful and thankful and blessed and proud to be part of this community.

Really grateful for this beautiful challenge i have taken silver membership. it's full powerpacked course. mam has covered possible all the topics one would face in motherhood, it might be personal or related to child or family everything is perfectly explained. Thank you surbhi mam. hats off for your dedication.

Ishani pachpunde


It's one of best out there

It's one of best out there! Surbhi provides great insight on how to deal with children. She has provided a lot of useful tips alongwith healthy recipes for kids. Her knowledge is well backed by good research. Her ideas are very useful and simple,easy to follow and yield amazing results. She gives us a good insight on how to take care of ourselves which is very important because happy mom's make happy kids. Really happy with her advice and views. Would highly recommend her

Pooja chordiya

Founder & CEO, Example

Thank you SURBHI for your words of wisdom

Thank you surbhi for your words of wisdom... I am so grateful to u..🙏 really appreciate your work and all your efforts that you put in making life so much easy and meaningful for parents like us whom you have never met.. I was in so much agony/ bewildered before talking you but the way you guided me and channelised me it has really uplifted my morale.. Thanking you just for today is not enough as I feel we learn from you everyday... May God bless you with the best... May sky b ur limits... You are an angel

A true gem of a person

Asama khan

Home maker, Example

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